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If you are reluctant to use restorative treatments such as bridges, crowns, or dental implants to replace missing teeth, dentures are an alternative option that may work well for you. Unlike dental implants permanently fitted in the mouth, a denture is a removable dental device. A partial denture replaces several teeth in the mouth, whereas a complete denture replaces an entire set of teeth.

Why Do I Need a Denture

When gaps are present in the gumline, the surrounding teeth shift and settle out of place. This can result in problems with alignment, cause jaw problems and affect your facial appearance. If you prefer not to use bridges, crowns or dental implants to replace missing teeth, it is important that you consider a denture to maintain the integrity of teeth and jaws.

How To Care For Your Denture

Dentures are susceptible to the build-up of bacteria, tartar, and plaque, just like our natural teeth, so it is vital to follow proper cleaning procedures to maintain them properly.

1. Rinse your dentures with lukewarm water to remove any food particles after removing them.
2. Use a denture brush or a soft toothbrush with a non-abrasive toothbrush to brush the denture.
3. If you have any adhesive residue in your mouth, gargling with salt water will help to remove it.
4. Soak your dentures overnight in a denture cleansing solution.
5. Rinse your denture with lukewarm water before returning it to your mouth in the morning.

Also, remember that various foods and beverages, such as berries, beetroot, teas, and colas, can stain dentures, so be careful when consuming them.

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