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Night Guards and Mouth Guards

Night Guards and Mouth Guards in North Vancouver

Night guards and mouth guards are removable dental devices that are used to protect the teeth from damage. These devices are custom-made in a dental lab and are designed to fit your mouth perfectly for improved results.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is the unintentional grinding, clenching, and gnashing of teeth during sleep. Many individuals are not aware of this issue until their dental check-up reveals tooth damage. It is crucial to seek treatment for bruxism to avoid the chipping of teeth and the development of severe jaw disorders in the long run.

What Are Custom Night Guards Made From?

Night guards are made from one of several materials, including soft plastic, harder acrylic, and dual laminate. Your dentist will choose a suitable material depending on the intensity of your teeth grinding and the level of protection that you need. 

The Process For Creating a Custom Night Guard


  1. Your dentist will take a mould from your mouth and send it to the dental lab.
  2. Your mouth guard may be fabricated using one of several materials to provide an adequate level of protection.
  3. Once your mouth guard is ready, your dentist will check the fit and provide instructions for proper wear and care.

Mouth Guards

A blow to the mouth during contact sports can result in dislodged teeth or losing a tooth completely. To prevent this, it is highly recommended for both children and adults to use sports mouth guards. While boil and bite guards offer some protection, mouth guards that are custom-made provide a better fit and a greater level of protection.

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